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Our local area and beyond

 In this region a tradition instigated following a visit from the King still exists, it is said that when he visited he was given a drink and a plate of food. The King decreed that this should be given to everyone, so with every beer you order you receive a free tapas! Expect this custom in almost every bar or restaurant you visit. It certainly makes for a cheap night out. Within 5 mins of each direction from Cueva Romana you will find traditional Spanish towns. Directly south is Cuevas del Campo with several bars/restaurants, our personal favourite there being Avenida. Here you can expect a warm welcome and good food from hosts Mariested and Juanjo. Directly North you will find the larger town of Pozo Alcon, again with more bars and restaurants. At the Music Bar on the main thoroughfare you will find Eugenio and his sons, and most Saturdays they have live music.  Further afield are many other beautiful towns and villages. An idea of what is on offer is shown below.


The Negratín Reservoir/Lake

10 minutes by car

For a great family day out, there is the nearby huge Negratin Lake which boasts being the largest of its kind in Andalusia, with a capacity of some 546Hm3. The surrounding landscape to this huge oasis is simply spectacular with its semi desert setting and many gullies. On the lake is ‘El Negratin Club Nautico (sailing club), where there are many water sports you can participate in – including sailing, canoeing and fishing.


Thermal Baths at Zujar

20 minutes by car

A favoured year round attraction by the lake at Zujar. The constant temperature of the bathing water is maintained by the mountains natural hot spring and is said to have therapeutic properties. It is certainly a relaxing experience and enhanced by the splendid setting. A visit can be completed by enjoying refreshments at the Los Baños restaurant which has terraces overlooking the lake and pool. A small charge of just 2€ is made to help cover the cost of maintenance of the pool.


Castril River Walk

45 minutes by car 

A lovely 1hr 30mins circular walk that must have it all. It includes a dramatic, deep gorge, a tunnel, olive groves, fantastic views from the highest point in the village of Castril and a stroll through its quaint streets. This walking route is short, easy and spectacular. It is a walk that the whole family can enjoy. The path mainly runs along a wooden footbridge over the Río Castril, a suspension bridge and a tunnel. 

(Easy with some steep parts).


Beaches / Playas

The Negratín reservoir, one of the most fascinating enclaves of the province, has the first naturist beach in the interior of Andalusia.
Since the Town Hall of Cuevas de Campo opened the beach in 2005, there have been many visitors who have come to know this particular space located in the Negratín reservoir, on the old road to Zújar, located about eight kilometers from the town center.
The nudist area is perfectly signposted, and separated in a quiet cove in which bathers can lie down to enjoy the sun and swim naked. In addition, the beach has umbrellas and an access ramp to the shore.


Granada Alhambra / Shopping

Internationally revered for its lavish Alhambra palace, and enshrined in medieval history as the last stronghold of the Moors in Western Europe, Granada is the darker, more complicated cousin of sunny, exuberant Seville. Humming with a feisty cosmopolitanism and awash with riddles, question marks, contradictions and myths, this is a place to put down your guidebook and let your intuition lead the way. (Taken from lonely planet)

Nevada Shopping Centre Granada

Massage in house 40€ 1 hour

Performed by our own in house masseur. Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage. It involves the use of hands, forearms or elbows to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to improve mental and physical health. Active or passive movement of the joints may also be part of the massage. The benefits of Swedish massage include increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation , decreased stress and muscle tension, and improved range of motion.

Other massage options available.

Lake Bolera
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